Focus on solar energy : ages 11-14

Updated on 02.27.2024

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Middle School
Life and earth sciences
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The use of the free and unlimited energy provided by the sun is being developed around the world. This energy is transformed directly into by dark blue photovoltaic panels, arranged in thousands in huge land-based parks or fixed in small numbers on the roof of a house. The sun's energy can also be converted into , used to turn turbines or to run a solar water heater or oven. Here is an overview of this renewable and carbon-free energy.


What is Solar Power?

This educational animation presents the history of a series of discoveries that enabled humankind to use solar energy, and also explains the photovoltaic effect. The sun’s energy was already used to light the Olympic flame in ancient times and, today, produces sustainable electricity without any CO2 emissions.

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How can we harness the energy of the Sun in our day-to-day lives?

This educational animation explains how people use solar energy today for heating, lighting or to carry electricity to isolated areas.

Is solar energy a sustainable solution?

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Quiz sur le solaire

Solar energy quiz

Test your knowledge on the solar energy!

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Solar energy: ages 11-14

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Middle School