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The Energy Trail Board Game

In the classroom, in leisure centers or as a family, play the Energy Trail board game with children aged  6 to 10. The printable format is perfect for arousing the curiosity of the younger generations when it comes to energy challenges 😎

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Spotlight on Energy ☀️🏖️

Illustration panneau solaire

Focus on solar energy : ages 11-14

L’utilisation de l’énergie fournie gratuitement et sans limite par le soleil est en plein développement dans le monde.

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what is solar power

What is Solar Power?

This educational animation presents the history of a series of discoveries that enabled humankind to use solar energy, and also explains the Creation of electric current when a semiconductor material is struck by photovoltaic effect

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Solar Farms in 5 Images

According to the ADEME, in order for the world to achieve its energy transition, the production capacity of photovoltaic parks should be multiplied by 3.4 by 2030.

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Paris, a sustainable city 🍃🚴

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Our editorial board

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Director Batteries & Hydropower at TotalEnergies
Research director at The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)
Photo de Philippe Blanc
Research director for MINES Paris – PSL university and is the head of its Energy and Processes Department (DEP)
Director of Institutional Relations and Communication, IFP Energies nouvelles
Member of the Academy of Technologies / former Director of Research and Innovation at ENGIE
Past high Commissioner at CEA
Florent Le Bourhis
Industrial Engineering teacher, President of UPSTI
Manoelle Lepoutre
Former Executive Director at TotalEnergies Foundation
Former Chief Scientific Officer of Total
Senior Vice President, Public Interest and Managing Director of the Fondation TotalEnergies
Chief Technology Officer at TotalEnergies
Vice president of the Energy Committee, National Academy of Technologies of France (NATF)
Christine Trabado
Former high school physics teacher and project manager at the French Ministry of Education

Planète Energies

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It offers a variety of content to help young people better understand the energy transition challenges and raise their awareness of more responsible energy consumption.

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