What is an eco-district?

An eco-district is an urban area where everything is organized to manage energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and pollution, ensure waste recycling and manage water in the best possible way. It must also offer efficient public transport and promote green mobility such as cycling. A way to make the lifestyle of city dwellers more pleasant and sustainable!...
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Focus on the "City of the Future": ages 15-18

Tomorrow is yours. But how will you live in the big cities of the future? Houses will be better insulated against cold and heat, and digital technology will make it possible to better manage heating systems.
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Planète Energies

Planète Energies is a site specifically designed for elementary and secondary school students and teachers.

It offers a variety of content to help young people better understand the energy transition challenges and raise their awareness of more responsible energy consumption.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, Planète Energies website recorded over a million visits, 5,000 registered teachers and 200 class conferences held throughout France. Planète Energies is a TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation program, created in 2005.