The Energy Trail Board Game

Updated on 01.10.2024

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In the classroom, in leisure centers or as a family, play the Energy Trail board game with children aged  6 to 10. The printable format is perfect for arousing the curiosity of the younger generations when it comes to energy challenges. 


Play and learn about energies  

Everyone is familiar with board games! It’s the perfect format to broach the topic of energies because depending on the weather forecast, the energies used and the decisions made, players’ progress can be slowed before they reach the center of the gameboard, just as in real life.  

The board is available in PDF format and can be printed on two A4 pages or one A3 page if possible.  

Teachers can also project the board on-screen so that a whole class can play together, or the children can play in teams. It’s a fun activity that can be used as a springboard or conclusion to a lesson on energies, or as a relaxing end to the school day!  

Have fun creating counters for the game!  

Children can also have fun creating counters for the game: templates to be cut out (cubes, double-sided pieces) or made using playdough or cold-porcelain air-dry clay are also available for download.  

All you need is a die to have fun with your family or, if you are a teacher, introduce a lesson on energies (your pupils will love it!).  

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