Sustainable Mobility: Ages 15-18

Updated on 07.26.2023

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High School
Science and technology of industry and sustainable development

“Mobility”, or all the different ways to get people and goods from one place to another, is an industry moving forward in leaps and bounds. This is mainly because of digital technology and artificial intelligence, which are making it possible to guide cars, run car-sharing systems and platforms more efficiently and build smarter cities. But it’s also because of a new breed of vehicles powered by , and . See where things stand in France and around the world.


Urban Mobility: Transportation Goes Digital to Boost Efficiency

Making mobility truly sustainable is no longer just a challenge for automakers; it also depends on how users respond to emerging mobility services and the way public space is organized, especially in so-called “smart” cities. Underpinning all these changes is digital technology and its ability to manage ever-increasingly present data.

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What Is a Hyperloop?

Find out more about the futuristic train being developed that could travel silently at speeds of over 1,000 kilometers an hour, emitting much less pollution than a plane.

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Mobility Quiz

Test your knowledge on mobility!

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