Global Wind Power Generation

Updated on 03.06.2024

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Wind continues to grow worldwide, with the development of wind. China and the United States are the two main wind producers, while in Europe, Germany and the United Kingdom dominate the market.

Global Wind Power Generation (in terawatt- hours – TWh)

Source : The Energy Institute Statistical Review of World Energy 2023
Country202120222021-2022 Change
China655.8762.7+16.3 %
United States382.0439.2+15 %
Germany114.6125.3+9.3 %
Brazil72.381.6+12.9 %
India68.170.0+2.9 %
United Kingdom64.780.2+24 %
Spain62.162.7+1 %
France36.838.0+3.4 %
Canada34.837.5+8 %
Turkey31.435.111.8 %
Sweden27.132.6+20.3 %
Total World1,854.12,104.8+13.5 %
Global Wind Power Generation.pdf Global Wind Power Generation.pdf

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