Global Coal Consumption

Updated on 03.06.2024

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World consumption has continued to make progress worldwide, and the first months of 2023 confirm this worrying trend for the energy transition. Indonesia is a particular case: coal consumption has risen by 60%, largely due to the boom in the nickel industry, an important component in batteries for electric cars.

Global Coal Consumption (in exajoules*)

Source: Statistical Review of World Energy 2023
Country202120222021-2022 ChangePart dans la consommation mondiale de charbon
China87.588,41 %54.8%
India19.320.14.1 %12.4%
United States10.69.9-6.7 %6.1%
Indonesia2,74,459,4 %2.7%
South Africa3,53,3-5,6 %2.1%
Russia3.43.2-6.8 %2.0%
South Korea32.9-5.3 %1.8%
Germany2.22.34.1 %1.4%
Vietnam2.22-5 %1.3%
Poland1.91.8-5.2 %1.1%
Turkey1.71.70.5 %1.1%
Total World160.4161.50.6 %100%

*1 Exajoule = 25 Mtoe (Million metric tons of oil equivalent)

Global Coal Consumption.pdf Global Coal Consumption.pdf

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